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Student life…

In the next few weeks I’ll be starting a new chapter in my life. Both personally and musically in that, along with thousands of other 18/19 year olds, I’m moving out of my family home in Bolton and I’m starting life for the next 4 years studying at The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.


I’ve wanted to go to The RNCM since I was about 14 so to finally get to say that I’m going to be able to spend the next few years living and learning at one of the world’s leading institutes of music is insane. It’s been a challenging year of auditioning, getting through college and A-levels but I’m so excited to be able to bring you along on this new adventure and play/write/produce some great music with some great and incredibly talented people (I’ve met loads of them already and they’re fab!) It’s obviously quite a nerve wracking time but honestly, like I said, I’m so excited to now be back in a position where my main focus is music and I can share what I love to do with all the people that take time and interest in me/what I do and ultimately for that I’ve got to say a huge thank you!